Are you having a house party, birthday, christening wedding or other type of function or event? Have you ever considered live music as part of the evenings entertainment? Bash & Strum are able to offer very affordable performances for small to medium sized parties functions and events.

Home or function room?

Whether your party is in your own home or function room, the duo can scale their performances to fit your needs using either acoustic or digital drums, amplified or un-plugged guitar & vocals. The guys can advise on the feasibility of performing  for you. Of course there are some factors to consider for each type of venue, but these can be addressed when discussing your requirements.

Single sets:

A single set is normally around 40 mins or so in length, and is likely to include 10-12 songs.

Full Double Set:

A full double set has twice as many songs (as it’s name suggests) and is divided into two halves with a 15 mins or longer break in between the two performances.

Mini Sets:

Mini sets are also catered for where the live performance of just a few songs is sought to add to an event or occasion.

Choosing a covers set list or original work?

Many public events prefer original work and this is the direction of travel for Bash and Strum. However  the reality is that for many of their private function clients, known popular music (or covers) is fundamental to the requirements of the event.  So while the duo continue to work on and perform their own music Jimmy and Darren also continue to perform covers.

An indicative covers set list is provided (click on the button below). The guys constantly change and evolve the covers list (wouldn’t it be boring if it stayed the same) as such you are best served by contacting them to discuss your requirements.

Covers Set List