Bash & Strum are the result of a musical collaboration between
Dr. Daz Clement and Dr. Jimmy Davis.


With an eclectic mix of influences from Richie Havens to Pearl Jam, with T-Rex, ELO, Beautiful South, Aztec Camera Fairground Attraction, Counting Crows and a host of others in the mix, the duo’s music is lively, fun and accessible to all generations.
Darren playing Drums

No one really wants to be pigeon holed and we are no exception, but the reality is that often the first thing we are asked is what style of music do you play? So I suppose when pushed we’d have to say its kind of indie pop/rock. – Darren

Jimmy PLaying and Singing
Having spent several years as a charity covers band, Bash and Strum have made the transition to writing, composing and regularly performing their own original material. Grounded in simplified acoustic rhythmic sets,  using only acoustic guitar, drums and vocals the sound the guys create is deceptively full. In recent months Darren and Jimmy have been performing their debut album ‘Rendezvous’,  released on the 6th September 2014. The album explores the many facets of relationships, from parenthood to online-dating. The guys say their music is intended to hopefully make the listener “think, feel and or dance!”

About song-writing:

It’s difficult to actually explain how the songs emerge.  I’ll muck about with a chord progression and the lyrics seem to come from this. The stories seem to just unfold, as I play around with things, its not until I stop, and step back and listen to a composition, am I able to recognise where the influence came from. The track ‘Rendezvous’ for example was inspired by the Facebook postings of one of my former students.  – Jim


Performing both intimate acoustic sets as well as larger staged performances for festivals, parties, private functions and charity events. With a “just for fun” approach, the groove is lively and well….. fun.


In addition to writing, composing and performing their own original material the duo continue to perform a selection of re-interpreted covers for parties and functions.

The way we approach a piece is never geared towards recreating a carbon copy of the original, its more about capturing the essence and essential energy of the song and representing this as simplistically as we can with the resources we have to hand. – Jim

Bash and Strums repertoire of covers is diverse and constantly evolving. Sets are always crafted around a clients needs and requirements.